Ok, last week Friday was a tad dramatic. Fans of Ndani TV’s hit show; ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ were not happy when they found out the season finale wasn’t airing that day but scheduled to air on the 3rd of February. Fans of the show completely lost it. There were petitions, calls for boycotts, protests and whilst we totally feel your pain – it kind of made us love you guys so much more.

The truth is, we are right there with you. So, we’ve decided to come up with 10 signs that shows you are just like us – a complete, total, unapologetic super fan of SGIT.


1. You have every Friday on your calendar set as SGIT Friday

This one is self-explanatory.


2. Every time you see Abimbola Craig on the street (or on social media)  you automatically (reflexively) call her “Tiwa”

We’re all guilty of this for sure when we see any of our favourite celebs and we automatically assume they have no other name but that of the character they play. So when you make that mistake, it just means you’re obsessed and that’s perfectly okay.


3. Mummy Tiwa is your spirit animal because she says every single thing you’re thinking

Everything that comes out from her mouth is the golden golden truth AND she’s always ready to smack some sense into any and everybody.


4. You are the time-keeper of episodes

The moment an episode doesn’t drop at the exact time it was scheduled – you’re already all up in the comments sections of every Ndani social media page you can get your hands on and cry your sad tears on there so they can really know how heartbroken you truly are.


5. You get into long fights in the comments section about every episode

Anytime someone mistakenly mentions that Tiwa should do anything even remotely close to what you think isn’t right, the claws come out.

6. You started working out because Tiwa is the only motivation you need in life

If when Season 1 came out and you “spontaneously” decided to begin your fitness journey AND stuck with it, then yeah, you’re a certified super fan

7. You follow more than one of the cast members on any social media platform

One of the main signs of a super fan, you’re always up to date on each and every one of their thoughts and movements that it’s almost creepy.


8. Every time you get provoked you ask yourself WWDD?

What Would Didi Do? If you ask yourself this question every time someone gets on your bad side and then proceed to give them that shade Didi-style, then you definitely have an addiction.


9. You have YouTube/Instagram/Twitter alerts for every single moment any video goes up by Ndani

Only someone with an obsession that runs deep in their soul has these and if you do, then you have your diagnosis.

10. This is you when you finally get your fix


The Season 3 finale of Skinny Girl in Transit airs this Friday 3rd of Feb.