We all have that time in our life where the stress and the general lack of attention to our bodies eventually catches up to us. And one day, it hits you all at once and getting out of bed seems like a giant task. Your once flawless skin isn’t looking so great either and all you want to do is just hit the reset button. If this sounds like you or a version of you – then you need a wellness fix. You don’t need a crazy detox where you only drink lemon water and maple syrup or some crazy ‘I’m only eating once a day’ fad diet – you need a total fix. From the food you’re eating, to the products your using on your skin and hair – you need to get the inside and the outside back on track.

So, where does one go to get this total fix that will completely reset your bad decisions and take you to the beautiful land of wellness where your skin glows and your energy abounds?

Fig & Health.

This health store is a little gem in Lekki owned by a lovely lady; Olubimbola Adeniyi. The store stocks original skincare and hair care products (made by the owner), as well as a diverse range of other brands, healthy food alternatives and wellness products.

Everything in the store is completely natural and you just get the feeling like this is the store you have been needing to come to your whole life, you just didn’t know it existed. From perfectly whipped Shea butter,  to natural pumice stones, to local sponges – you might want to get a little bit of everything.

But the most impressive product in the store ( and their best seller) by far is their original black soap which the owner makes herself. We asked Olubimbola about their most popular soap and she revealed she once suffered from vitiligo and her original recipe of black soap and turmeric, cured her it. She decided to start selling this ‘miracle’ soap speaking about the incredible benefits of turmeric and how people really need to start incorporating it into their every day diet.

“I can’t tell people enough the benefits of turmeric. It does wonders for your skin and your health” – Olubimbola Ajayi

We didn’t need much convincing to get on her black soap and turmeric train because she had the smoothest, milkiest skin we had ever seen. No joke. Total skin goals.

Now if the beauty section of this store didn’t get your attention – the healthy food part will. They have gluten free rice, gluten free pasta, organic maple syrup, organic crackers, tiger nuts, dried fruit  — basically, a gluten free, healthy heaven.

With all the restaurants and bars in Lagos, its great to see health stores popping up – especially ones that stock a really wide range of alternatives and affordable prices.

So, stop reading this article, get out of bed and go get your wellness fix, today. Why? Because, why not?