You go to school, get a degree and maybe even get another degree and you finally join the work force with lofty dreams of getting a well deserved huge salary. The reality is (and this is a lucky person’s reality) you probably get the dream job but it comes with a nightmare of a salary. You have bills to pay, fuel is more expensive than it’s ever been and you suddenly realize it’s time to get really creative or stay in doors and never leave your house.


Here is a simple yet genius plan to help you spend more wisely, save and still have a good time without breaking the bank.


  • Put 10% away in a savings account and forget about it


This sounds way easier than it actually is. The truth is, when you earn so little, it’s easy to feel like 10% won’t go a long way. But after one year of diligently putting away this small sum, one rainy day, you will thank your lucky stars you have this stash, albeit how small. Something is always better than nothing.


  • Start packing your lunch to work


This is one of the most genius ways to save money. Eating out is one of the quickest ways to deplete your funds. When you cultivate the habit of packing your lunch, you automatically have more money to spend and other, more important things.


  • Join the pre-drinks club


Pre-drinks aren’t something you do just because you want to have a party before the party. It’s a genius method created for you to save money. You buy some alcohol at wholesale prices and get ‘happy’ before you go to the club. This way, you get to the club and you’re already good – all you need is one drink to top up and you can party the night away. You go home happy and your bank account will thank you later.


  • Outdoor activities



Go outside! Get a blanket, some speakers, a book and some friends and you will be amazed at how much fun you have at a fraction of the cost you would have spent at a restaurant or a bar


  • Join the car pool club



This is no longer for moms trying to save time. Not driving your car to work everyday will save you a tonne of fuel which in turn will save you a tonne of cash. If you have colleagues, who live close by, devise a plan whereby you all contribute for the fuel and he or she drives everyone to work. One car is always better than three. It’s better for your pocket and better for the environment. Win, win.


  • Go out only one weekend a month


For the die hard rockers, this may seem like an impossible task. But please realize that FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a real thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The truth is the pictures and the Snapchat stories always look better than the actual night. You will get to the point where you can go out twice or even thrice a month (four weekends in a row, even if you are a millionaire, is just too much) but for now, you need to stay home, read a book, or listen to music and dance by yourself. Learning how to be by yourself and still have a good time, will be the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.


  • Get a side hustle


The people winning are the ones with a side hustle. They say most millionaires have over six streams of income. Do you like baking? Try selling those cupcakes to your colleagues and the extra money will go a long way to helping you not feel the tight salary you’re on.


  • Build your portfolio to get the promotion you deserve


N80k a month will not be your portion forever. Say amen. Take the time to build your portfolio, work on your Linkedin and be the best employee you can be so when the time comes to have that conversation with your boss about a raise – they won’t blink an eyelid. You’re welcome.