The first thing we will say is this market is far. Like, really, really far. It’s on the outskirts of Lagos, near Abule Egba. The second thing we will say is if you can make the trip – its 100% worth it. This market is filled to the brim with a diverse amount of sellers with everything you need. The market is perfectly organized into different sections. A denim section, a work wear section, a party section, they even have a section for just white shirts. It’s incredible and amazing but most of all – dirt cheap.

We spent N700 on three outfits and we are still in shock at how affordable and good quality these second hand clothes are. Check out our stylish finds below.






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The best days to visit this market are Mondays, Wednesdays are Fridays. Happy Thrifting!

Model: Vanessa Iloyensi (@thenessagram)

Photography: Doute Angel Aduke