International designer, Julien Macdonald brought down the house as the opening act for Day 1 of the GTBank Fashion Weekend Runway show. The show kicked off with video snippets of Macdonald’s previous runway shows with detail shots of his powerful clothes and models rocking his outfits. The anticipation in the room was building with the music as everyone in the room was craving for the show to begin. After a few minutes of suspense, glistening models oiled to perfection strutted down the runway.

It was clear from the first outfit that this show was going to be epic. The detail of the clothes were simply outstanding and the models rocked the designers avant-garde clothes like they were second nature.

The show ended with a huge explosion of golden confetti which rained everywhere gloriously. Julien Macdonald received a standing ovation from guests as he walked on the runway with his gorgeous models.


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Photography by Emmanuel Oyeleke