The old adage of “Anything worth doing is worth doing right” reigns supreme as a general rule of thumb outlook on life and is especially fitting for those who would like to take the right steps to achieving a healthier and more balanced wellness lifestyle. I use the term lifestyle specifically because one of the main reasons we experience the so called failure to launch or a lack of sustainability in our health and fitness approach is because our attitudes must align with the fact that health and wellness is a holistic approach.

Here are 3 key fitness lifestyle beginner tips. (Hacks)


  1. Pick a sport or an activity that you have/ had a passion for and make a self-commitment to practicing it.

Not everybody has a passion for any sport however there are activities that we all once participated in perhaps in the past that we enjoyed, running, walking cycling, football, boxing netball, tennis, yoga etc.

Pick one and dedicate x amount of time to participate in it. For example – once a week I shall play tennis unfailingly.


  1. Invest in good quality training tools.

Ever heard of retail therapy? Taking time to shop for good running shoes, jump rope, boxing gloves etc is you taking the step in the right direction. You have made a commitment to participate and not just spectate so why not look good while doing it. This on its own motivates and minimizes our excuses for not taking the first steps, be it baby steps it all counts.


  1. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and be realistic

It is rare for someone to pick up sprinting today and become Usain Bolt overnight. Understand that part of the fitness journey is to progress at a steady rate and hoping to become an overnight success is simply not realistic. Focus on the growth, the discipline the consistency and learning to become a little bit better than yesterday everyday.


“Variety is the spice of life.Keep things fresh all the time in your health and wellness journey. Research and learn more about your chosen activity/ sport pose a few questions to yourself after a few months of “getting involved” Do I need to try another sport because I am bored, can I take this same activity up another level? Are there groups for the activity that I currently enjoy whereby I can meet like minded and more motivated people?


This is the mindset that will bare the fruit of longevity for your journey.