Social media has its pro’s and cons. You can spend hours scrolling through useless information that does nothing but clog your mind. However, if you are smart about who you follow – your timeline can serve as a major motivator. These 5 women from various countries in Africa – living and working in different parts of the world are definitely worth following. Their posts are uplifting, poignant and very much welcome in a time where there is more noise than depth. Thank us later.

1. Upile Chusala (@beingupile)

From: Malawi     

Book: Soft magic

2. Ijeoma Umebinuyo (@theijeoma)

From: Nigeria

Book: Questions for Ada

3. Yrsa Daley ward

From: Nigeria/Jamaica

Book: Bone

4. Bilphena Yahwon (@goldwomyn)

From: Liberia

Book: Teaching gold-mah how to heal herself


5. Warsan Shire (@wu_shire)

From: Somalia

Book: Teaching my mother how to give birth