Everyone usually thinks when you get out of university, you’re automatically equipped to face real life as a grown up.

But, the truth is; most graduates don’t have a clue about living a ‘real’ adult life and we are tossed into the world, expected to magically adapt and thrive.

Here’s a crazy idea – instead of the same old boring curriculum, we’ve been learning for centuries, how about they actually teach students some practical things that may actually help them with real life. Here are 5 courses we think should actually be taught in Universities – worldwide.


  1. Tax paying 101


Most of us definitely have never ever in our entire lives consciously payed taxes, we all know tax paying isn’t a part of the Nigerian culture. In international shows, taxation and tax paying gets woven into the story line like it’s a regular part of life. Like that time in Season 1 of  2 Broke Girls, where Caroline helps Earl save money on his taxes, or that other time in Season 1 of Blackish where Pops got a letter from the IRS and totally lost it.


We see ads everyday by the government urging us to pay our taxes to help move the country forward, but the truth is most of us don’t know how or where to pay taxes. If there was even a one (maybe two) semester course on tax paying, then we would actually be able to do that because heaven knows with the way our country is set up you’ll probably get super frustrated before you actually learn anything. Plus, nobody wants to go to prison for tax evasion because you know ignorance of the law is no excuse.


  1. CV Writing


Lord knows there are a thousand maybe millions of us who have no idea how to write a CV. Most of us just have a patchy knowledge; mostly from google and questioning others; of how writing a CV is supposed to work. We’re sure whenever some of us are asked to write CV’s there’s like thirty seconds of insane panic where we ask ourselves WTH we’re going to do which is totally natural. Speaking honestly, a bunch of us have probably been overlooked for jobs we really really wanted because our CVs’ weren’t written the right way, which is insane.


If this new batch of graduates looking to get into the work force were actually taught this, life would be so much easier for them, all we can hope for is the next generation will get a better chance.


  1. Banking 101


Banks can be terrifying if we’re all being honest with ourselves, everyone just walks around purposefully because they know exactly where they’re going, what they’re doing and how to do it. If you don’t know where exactly to go to do whatever you need to do, a bank can be a really terrifying place to be and if you don’t believe us, do you realize how hard it is to write a proper cheque? You have to sign in like four specific places and what the heck is a closed cheque and why do you need one? And don’t get us started on that look you get from the person at the counter, that judgy look they give you that strikes deep into your soul making you feel like you should’ve brought your mummy with you.


  1. How to register a business


It’s so amazing these days how everyone is afforded the chance to be small business owners. With the internet, so many new forms of business have been created and their reach is incredible. Most people however have no idea how to begin to go about registering their business or the difference between a limited liability company and a public liability company.

Registering your company and business name opens up so many doors to investors, job seekers, business expansion, financial freedom and so much more. Learning about this should be number one on all course lists.


  1. Sex Ed


This is so important. Don’t think that just because they’re in university it means they know exactly what goes where, what causes what and how to do that because they don’t. These days most of what most kids do know about it is via word of mouth or websites whose names shall not be mentioned on such a respectable site. Only a shocking amount of people actually have a good solid knowledge on sex and having a healthy sex life. Please lets all stop pretending and educate the youth please.