You work hard. You’re a team player and you do everything expected from you. But after two or three years, you still haven’t gotten a promotion. Well, the first step to getting a promotion is for you to not expect a promotion. Just because you have worked at a place for a particular amount of time does not equate to deserving a promotion. A promotion must be earned. And even when you have earned it, you sometimes have to put it extra work to show just how much you deserve a seat at the table. Here are 8 ways to get you that promotion, once and for all.

This doesn’t necessarily mean going on an office training. It just means that you expand your knowledge about the role you are gunning for. You can do this from research online, reading journals and practicing you’re skills in your current role. You’re bosses will most likely see these skills applied in your work and see you are capable of doing way more.



While acquiring knowledge is important – being sociable is of equal importance. We’re not talking going out with your friends kind of social, but going out with your colleagues. It’s important to create a relationship with your colleagues (and your bosses) out of the office – this way, they get to see you in a different light and actually form an opinion on your personality. So, the next time there’s an office party or you’re invited to ‘TGIF’ – go.



This is like a Jedi mind trick and it works every time. If you make your supervisor or manager your mentor, they will make it their mission to see you succeed. You getting a promotion, means they are did their job properly. It’s also a win, win situation because you actually get to learn the ropes from someone who has more experience than you and this will prove to be invaluable in the long run.




In order for you to prove you deserve a promotion, you should be ready to take on more work. If you ask for more responsibilities and carry them out like a G, your boss has no good reason not to give you that promotion. This too like Tip 3, is a Jedi mind trick. But practice with caution – because if you ask for more and you can’t handle it; you’re dreams of a promotion will keep being just a dream.


You want to be taken more seriously? Start dressing the part. They say you should dress the way you want to be addressed and they never lied. Your appearance speaks for you before you even introduce yourself. When you look good, it’s hard for people to ignore you. So, step up your office wardrobe and start dressing like the boss you’re about to become.



This may seem like a pretty obvious way but you’ll be surprised. Most people crave and dream of getting promoted but never really ask. If you want something, you have to ask for it. Your manager may not see you as an ambitious person, so may not even consider promoting you because to him/her, you seem pretty comfortable. Make your desires known but be sure to have enough, solid achievements to back up your request.




We’re not saying become the teachers pet (because no one likes a teachers pet), but establishing a relationship with your superior is important. Let them know a little bit about yourself and vice versa. If you know they have kids, ask about the kids once in awhile. A little personal relationship goes a long way especially in the professional world. And when a new role comes up – because they have a bond with you; you’ll most likely be in the running for the promotion.




Back to our previous point – we need to hammer this one in. Too many people these days work with an entitled attitude and it will get you nowhere. You cannot just expect to be promoted – if that was the case; everyone will be in the nice corner office with the nice view. Life doesn’t work that way. Put your head down, work, establish relationships in the office, acquire new skills, network, work some more and you’re promotion will be inevitable.