Christmas movies are arguably the best part of Christmas save for the presents of course.  So many amazing (and not so amazing) holiday-themed movies have been released and over the years many of them have become Christmas time classics. Some of the movies on here wouldn’t normally be counted as Christmas movies, but we’ll let you know why they actually should be. With that in mind, here is our list of what we think are the best Christmas movies of all time.

Love Actually

This one might well be the best holiday love story of all time and surprise surprise it isn’t American. Liam Neeson, Emma Tompson, Hugh Grant and some of Englands best and brightest come together to create this masterpiece that beautifully weaves together more than seven love stories that come together perfectly and could be said to forever have given everyone false expectations when it comes to love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Love, love, love this Tim Burton stop-motion Christmas classic. This animated masterpiece tells te story of Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town who after years and years of celebrating Halloween with the towns ghoulish and  scary residents has grown tired of the same routine and goes wandering into the forest where he discovers a forest with trees that lead to holiday themed towns, he enters the portal into Christmas Town . Upon discovering the town, he finds a love for the holiday and goes back to is townspeople to inform them of his findings but they do not take to it the same way, he then decides to hijack Christmas which leads to some disastrous consequences. In the end though, Christmas is saved and Jack even finds love. Perfect watch for the family on a cosy Christmas day.

Die hard

Yes friends, Die Hard is technically a Christmas movie. This Bruce Willis action flick is set in the yuletide season. Bruce plays off duty detective John McClane who shows up to is ex-wife’s company Christmas party in the hopes of reconciling but gets interrupted by a robbery disguised as a terrorist attack on the company. Shoot outs,  Christmas and loads and loads of guns, this movie is not your regular Christmas movie but it is pretty awesome if you want somethin a little out of te ordinary this time around.

Home Alone

The movie that made Macaulay Culkin the most popular kid in the world, a movie that spawned two sequels and a bunch of other not so great spin-offs. Kevin is a really cute kid in a really huge family who gets forgotten at home when the family goes on a Christmas trip. Unfortunately for him, the worlds crappiest robbers decide to rob his house and Kevin takes it upon himself to take them down in the most hilarious and adorable way while his mum panics and tries her hardest to get back to him on the craziest day of the year. Perfect for a nostalgic Christmas movie night.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands has Johnny Depp at his most adorable where he plays the creation of a scientist with scissors for hands. The story follows a grandmother telling her granddaughter about where snow comes from which is a story about Edward and the shenanigans he gets involved in when he gets introduced to the evils of the outside world as well as the magic of love. This movie is a great alternative Christmas love story and will probably rekindle your love for Johnny Depp.

Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey in one of his best roles plays the Grinch, a guy who hates the holidays and decides to ruin it for the residents of the fictional town of Whoville by stealing Christmas with his reluctant sidekick. His evil plan is derailed by Cindy Lou Who, who stops his plan with the help of her friends.This movie is a fun adaptation of the Dr Suess classic book and is a great watch for the entire family.


This Christmas

Everyone remembers this movie and we’re sure everyone remembers Chris Browns epic Christmas song with the same title that made us believe in Christmas again. Even if you don’t like Christmas movies, you could always watch it just to see Chris perform the song one more time, nuffsaid.



In this remake of A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray is Frank Cross, a high-flying TV executive with no love for the season, he’s the typical nightmare boss who sees the holidays only as a time to get higher ratings for his station which is to the detriment of his staff whom he doesn’t give Christmas off and whom he fires willy-nilly, sounds a lot like Ebenezer Scrooge if you ask us. With his job on the line and personal relationships in shambles he’s given one last chance to save his job by producing a live broadcast of A Christmas Carol and in typical Christmas movie fashion, Mr. Cross is shown the errors of his ways by a series of hilarious and ironic events that involve the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future who lead him to realize he’s had the Christmas spirit in him the entire time. It really is a heartwarming story that’s perfect for family movie night and will give you the feels every time you see the late Bill Murray on screen.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Everyone’s favourite cartoon kid stars in this cute Christmas movie. Charlie is disappointed in the materialism he sees during Christmas time, he’s also under more pressure when he gets selected as the director of the school play. Watch as Linus comes around and helps Charlie get through his troubles while also imparting some stellar advice.