By now we’re pretty sure you’ve all heard about the Queens record breaking announcement. If you haven’t, then here it is:


In typical Beyoncé fashion, as the keeper of all secrets, she took her sweet time and without any warning dropped the bomb on us. To be honest no one should’ve been surprised because this is her thing – remember the first announcement after an epic performance?

Then she came at us from left field with her surprise album “Beyoncé” and then Lemonade” . So technically we shouldn’t even have flinched when the news broke but because we are just mere mortals in awe of her magnificence, we reacted just the way she probably expected us to. In typical Beyoncé fashion (which haters might like to call extra) she dropped what has to be the best pregnancy shoot of all time complete with epic locations, backdrops, props and of course Blue. All via her website.

With just one picture she broke twitter again and as of this moment, has the most liked picture on Instagram EVER at 9.8 million likes in just three freaking days! (Sorry Selena Gomez). We do have several questions though, will the Carters be following the name-colour trend? red ivy, blue ivy maybe? or even poison ivy if they want to be edgy. Also will they be called the blues brothers when they’re born? If they’re boys that is, because that might as well be the highlight of 2017.

However, where Beyoncé goes the trolls will always follow, constantly spoofing everything she does and no matter how much you love her, you can always count on their jokes to make you bust a gut laughing. Here are some of the most ridiculous ones yet.



😂😂😂 Doubletap if you can relate 😂 “Sade, coman give me this remote” 😂 #funnyafricanpics

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😭😭🙄🙄🙄😭 Alreadyy????? 😭😭 via @therealfemi #funnyafricanpics

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