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So, you love books and you’ve been dying to discuss what you’ve read, but you can’t find the perfect book-club? Heck, you can’t even find any book club. The best way to join a book club is to start one yourself. Don’t worry, it’s super easy and you’ll be glad you did it. Here are all the tips you need to get started.

  1. Figure out what kinds of books you want to read

It’s useful to identify what kind of books you want to discuss, fiction, non-fiction, romance? Literary fiction? Or a potluck of all kinds? that’s an option too.

  1. Decide who you want to be in it

Do you want anyone to be able to join? Do you want only a specific age range? (aka, people old enough to drink the wine you’ll no doubt be chugging back) , Women only book club? It’s important to figure it out before you start telling people about it.

  1. Set a date and stick to it

Do you want to meet monthly or weekly? In the Evenings or at the weekend? It’s important to find a recurring time and stick to it. Bear in mind, there should be enough time between meetings for people to read the book!

  1. Figure out what how big you want the book club to be

Do you want to have a specific number of people you don’t want to go beyond? If you do, how are you going to make that number stick? Do you keep it invite only? Do you tell everyone that it can’t go beyond that number?

  1. Find a location

Will it be in a cafe or home? Will it be in the same location for each meeting or move around? If it’s in a public place, are the rooms bookable and is it a place that gets super busy? You don’t want a place where there is too much noise for you to hear each other but you also don’t want a place that tells you to shush every time someone remembers a passionate scene from chapter 2.

With these tips in mind, go forth and create your dream book club!

(Featured image source: lovefola.com)