Its the weekend again, and if you live in Nigeria, especially if you live in Lagos, then you most likely have a wedding to attend. What happens if you not only have a wedding to attend but also a key role to play in the ceremony as well? Say for instance the “Best Man”.

Being a best man is a big responsibility, it’s probably not too late for you to brush up on a few things you can do as to ensure that you are the most effective you can be as the best man at a wedding ceremony should you ever get called upon.


1. Fitting

The Groom, the groomsmen and even you as the best man all need to be fitted for the wedding. This is an extremely important responsibility, it falls to you as the best man to ensure that the Groom most especially is fitted, and that his outfit is ready for the wedding. You also have to coordinate with the rest of the groomsmen and make sure that they are all fitted correctly.


2. The Parties

As the best man your will not only be required to throw a “Bachelor’s Party” for the groom, your presence and participation will also be required at the engagement party, the rehearsal dinners, the wedding reception and sometimes maybe even a reception after party. A best man’s work is never done, well at least till you send the couple off on their honeymoon.


3. The Groomsmen

Getting the groomsmen properly fitted and dressed for the wedding isn’t where your groomsmen duties stop, first and foremost you have to make sure every groomsman chosen understands and is ready to actively fulfil their duties as groomsmen. The groomsmen aren’t there just to take pictures and look fancy at the wedding, the groomsmen are there to assist in taking some of the load of the planning and organisation of the wedding proceedings off the groom.


4. The Gift

Its only right that you organise a groomsmen’s wedding present for the groom, for the new couple or both!




6. The Escort

As the best man, you have to make sure the groomsmen and the groom especially, get dressed and make it to the wedding venue on time and in style, but you’re services will still be required further.

You will be required to act as a body double for the groom, making sure he doesn’t get overly swamped with mingling, making sure he doesn’t drink too much and making sure he doesn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.

You will also be required to walk the Maid of Honour down the aisle before finally taking your place standing next to the groom as he awaits his bride to be.


7. The Ring

It will fall to your as the best man to keep the wedding rings safe leading up to the ceremony, and sometimes if there is no ring bearer, then you will have to play that part as well.


8.  The Best Man Toast

A well known role of the best man is the delivery of the best man’s toast at the wedding reception. BE PREPARED! Do not try to freestyle or wing it, have a clear idea of what you are going to say, even if you are going to say something embarrassing, be tactful, impart wisdom and lastly, try to keep it short.


9. The Marriage License 

As the best man you will need to be present at the court ceremony, as your signature will be required on the marriage license as a witness to their union.


10. The Send Off

The last thing you could probably do for the groom before sending him off on his honeymoon with his new bride, is to make sure that the leave the ceremony in style. Make sure the confetti is ready after the ceremony is over and make the getaway car has been perfectly decorated.