“OMG, so lucky you’re backstage” was my theme song all #GTBANKFashionweekend.

Walking in backstage was like walking into the closet expecting to find Narnia.

Narnia never showed up.

Working in the industry, I’ve always known backstage to be chaotic. Packed to the brim, lots of hair spray, models tripping over shoes, models tripping over other models, its literally a scene out of a horror movie, just that every single person is hot.

And so I prepared myself for the absolute worst expecting sheer madness but I was pleasantly surprised. I have two words for this backstage, Organized Chaos. Shout out to Michael of Mahogany Models💪🏾. Michael and his team made sure everything run smoothly. Yes, there was hairspray and yes models tripped over shoes but there was never a time where you felt like anything was out of control. Despite the craziness which comes with every single back stage, there was a calmness in the air like everyone knew they were in good hands.

When I wasn’t busy shoving my camera in models faces (sorry guys), I was people watching. I spotted Celebrity Sylist, Ugo Mozie doing his thing, Jane Michael, the assistant head stylist trying to keep it all together, International model, Victor Ndigwe and TY Bello making magic with her camera.

The highlight of backstage had to be seeing the models doing the mannequin challenge just before they stormed the runway for Ejiro Amos Tafiri. It was epic.

For two days, I was in a room with some of the most beautiful girls on the planet, watched some serious oil being lathered on some serious hunks👅 and a whole lot of creatives – who came together to execute an amazing show (at least from what I saw on the screen).

Peep the photos below.

Photography: Doute Angel Adukeh