There are just some things you can’t make up. We thought it was a joke but it isn’t. It is real and get this – it gets even weird. The boxing match between Tinubu and Evander Holyfield will be refereed by Wole Soyinka. Yes, you read right.

The match is part of the Lagos @ 50 celebrations and is being organized by Rhumbles in Lagos. We have so many questions like what happens when Evander Holyfield knocks Bola Ahmed Tinubu out in the first round? Or will it all be for show – a bit of dancing round the ring and they pose and smile for the pictures?

Either way, we still don’t fully believe it’s real – even if there is a promo video with all the details.

It’s apparetnly happening Thursday 25th March 2017 at the Eko Atlantic. The fact that it’s a charity match is honestly the icing on the cake. Although to be honest, we would pay good money just to see it happen even if they burn the money in a pit in front of everyone at the end of the match.

WE WILL BE THERE and we hope you will be too. Honestly, opportunity of a lifetime.