We all remember going to the salon as kids. It was a dreaded trip knowing that one strong handed woman (or three) would be pushing and tugging at your hair and you kind of felt like they were sent by your mother to punish you. And then the braids wig trend came and saved all of our scalps. And now – faux locs have  jumped on the wig trend and have given us all something to look forward to.

Instagram – BlacChyna

When Black Chyna posted this picture of her rocking these gorgeous blond faux locs – everyone thought she had got them installed. Untill her hair stylist dropped this hair bomb;

“Love this fun look on Black Chyna. Lace front wig created at the Kellon Deryck Salon. Great for the girls that want the look but don’t feel like sitting down to get their hair braided.”

The internet literally went wild with comments because it looked so real. Apparently, to achieve this look, the stylist created an illusion hair line which gives that ‘baby hair’ effect so it looks completely real.

It’s quick, painless and cute. What’s not to love?

Here are some pictures of a few ladies rocking the faux locs wig trend. Would you buy one?

Instagram.com – MakeUpByShalom

Image Source: boholocs