Think lip gloss, but for your eyes. Glossy lids have become a huge trend and are not going any where any time soon. Their basically a subtle ways to bring out your eyes. If you want a little bit more drama, simply add add a little bit of eye shadow for that extra glow.

The glossy lid look is not for everyone but if you enjoy rocking a fresh face but want a little oomph, you should give this look a try.

To achieve this look – simply get your favorite lip balm (make sure its non-sticky) and dab it on your eye lids. It sounds really weird but the effect is a really dewy, fun, on trend beauty statement.

You can also use the same balm to highlight your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes. Make sure you don’t put too much so people don’t ask you if there’s anything wrong with you as this look can go wrong really fast.

For some glossy lid inspiration, view the slideshow below.