Being a sneakerhead in these Lagos streets can be a serious challenge, from the frequent dusty weather, to badly maintained muddy roads, to the occasional flood, not to mention sweat from the gruelling Nigerian Sun…

We know that keeping those sneakers white for longer can be a real hassle, so we have put together some sneaker care tips and tools to not only help you help you keep your sneakers looking white as snow at all times but also to help you increase their average shelf life.
1. Spot Cleaning
Sometimes you might not need to get your sneakers entirely soaked to get them clean. Sometimes all you need is a soft bristled toothbrush dipped in your cleaning solution for those hard to reach areas or for spot cleaning stains or small sneaker blemishes. If you have access to vinegar, just dip a rag into some of it and rub gently over the problem area on ur sneakers.
2. Sneaker Brush
You might be tempted to get the hardest and scrub as hard as you can in order to get your sneakers white again,  but we actually advise against that. All you need is a soft bristled shoe brush dipped in your soapy solution, then scrub gently in small circular motions. It might take a few scrub and rinses to get looking super white, but patience is the name of the game. You can also convert a soft kitchen scrubber to use in place of a brush.
3. All Purpose Wipes
You would be surprise how handy sanitary wipes can be in the maintenance of your sneakers. Having a small pack of wipes with you is great for the quick removal or some random spots and stains that occurs on the go during your daily hustle. If you can’t find any All Purpose wipes, have no fear regular facial wipes will work also.
4. Laces
First of all, when cleaning your sneakers don’t be lazy, make sure you take off the laces and wash them separately. Soak them in a mixture of soapy water and bleach before washing.
Do not underestimate the power of gleaming white laces, they can be the subtle change that will bring your old sneakers back to life. Try to replace you laces with news occasionally too if you can.
5. Sneaker Cleaning Mix
If you don’t have access to sneaker shampoo or any commercially manufactured sneaker cleaner, all is not lost…   We bet you didn’t know that a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water is actually good for get the job done.
6. Hand Wash
DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT put your sneakers in the washing machine because your too lazy to wash them. Some sneakers can be washed in a machine, so if you are going to do it anyway, make sure your sneakers can handle a machine wash.
Your shoe laces are also better off hand washed to ensure that they are as white as they can be.
7. White Nail Polish
Over time your sneakers are bound to start have a few scuff and/or scratches… Using you brush doesn’t help that and we all know scuffed up sneakers are a Big No No! White Nail polish is a nice quick fix for scuffs and scratches. It doesn’t matter where you get it from, your Mother or your girlfriend, but just apply a little white nail polish on scuffs to make them less visible. Remember to do this sparingly, one layer or two at most should do the trick.