Spending your money on lunch every day is the quickest way to get broke. Fact. Work lunches are super tricky to maneuver, and they are usually the answer behind the “where did all my money go” question we start to ask ourselves around that 3rd week of the month.

You see, they pose as really affordable, tiny dents to your pocket – N2,500 here, N3,500 there, but they can be real soul crushers. Lets say on average your daily lunch costs about N2,000 – That’s N10,000 a week which is N40,000 a month which is just madness!

The opportunity cost of that N40,000 could be anything from a new outfit to new pair of shoes or it could actually just become monthly savings

– N40,000 x 12months = N480,000 a year!!!

Work Lunches are the silent termites of finances and here are a few tips to tackling them once and for all!

And I’m not talking about the supermarket, I mean the local market! Go on a field trip with your friends if possible and make it a fun monthly activity! Supermarkets are awesome but local markets give you much more for your buck! Plus you are guaranteed to find super fresh and organic food so it’s a win win!

Sundays are for Jesus & meal prepping and thankfully the Internet is filled with exciting new recipes so the opportunities are endless! You can make your lunch meals as awesome as you would like. Prep your lunch in advance and take a pack to work with you everyday.

The cuter the better in my opinion! Apart from the nostalgia, they are actually super practical because they keep your food warm till lunchtime!

Don’t skip breakfast! The reason we tend to veg-out at lunchtime is because we’ve been starving all day! If you get in a good-cheap breakfast from home, you won’t be as hungry at lunchtime and less likely to crave a massive and expensive meal.

Instead of your super expensive lunch spots, try out much cheaper alternatives like the Tasty Fried Chicken lunch packs for N750 – GASP!

In the event that you can’t make enough meals to last you a whole week, alternate between your packed lunch and your fave lunch spot! You still save some money this way.

Reward yourself at the end of the month with a fancy lunch, you will find that it’s actually cheaper to meal prep through the month and wine & dine yourself at the end of the month like a boss!


So there you have it folks! Keep that lunchtime budget nice and tight and please don’t eat your money boo, don’t do it.