The 8th edition of Lagos Photo Festival titled “Regimes of Truth” aims to explore constructed realities and the relevance of legitimacy in contemporary times. Inspired by influential literary thinkers from the 19th and 20th century such as George Orwell, Foucault and Achebe – this year, the festival is hinged entirely on truth through the power of photography.

According to a statement LagosPhoto aims to “explore the various tensions between faith, reality and belief through smokescreens with ambivalence and a dynamic intersection of photographic encounters featuring the most recent creative output”.

The legacy of FESTAC 77 and the Nigerian Civil War will also be explored being that these are the two major historical events that continue to define the global visual representation of Africa.

This year’s lineup of exhibitions and events is expansively experiential in scope, transforming attendees from spectators to an integral part of the festival’s landscape. LagosPhoto will debut a number of new works like the renowned award-winning artist, Samuel Fosso’s ‘Black Pope’ series, as well as Osborne Macharia’s ‘No Touch Am’ 2017, Leonce Raphael Agbodgelou’s ‘Love and Fear Woman’ 2017 and Cristina De Middel’s ‘Unknown Soldier’ 2017. Cristina de Middel pays tribute to resilience and power of feminism by payin homage to Fumilayo Kuti by referencing the tragic military invasion of Fela’s home, Kalakuta Republic exactly 40 years ago.

The 8th edition of LagosPhoto will be curated by Azu Nwagbogu with the support of the in-house AAF curatorial team.

See some photos from exhibiting artists below.

‘Potentiality’ by Alun Be


‘No Touch Am’ by Osborne Macharia

‘Familiar Strangers’ by Bas Lesekoot

Justine Tjallinks


Date: November 24th - December 15th 2017)

Main Venue: African Artists’ Foundation

Satellite Venues: Gallery 16/16, The Studio, Quintessence, Yaba College of Science and Technology, A Whitespace Lagos.