By the time you finish reading this article, over a million people would have posted pictures of their lunch. Fact. Okay, maybe not fact but it’s really, really likely. You see, we are living in the age of the foodie and if you aren’t with the program, you’re about to get on it after this post. There are so many chefs right now but these 5 are on our radar because they all clearly are having an affair with food and we want to get involved.

If you’re looking for a Chef for a private dinner or simply want to fill your timeline with beautiful pictures of food you’ll probably never eat – these are the guys you need to be following.

1. @hitkitchenng

Heels in the kitchen is a private chef who we are slightly obsessed with. No, not because she wears heels in the kitchen (although that’s a huge plus) but because her food is to die for. If you’re lucky enough to attend one of her events – her beautifully plated and drool worthy cuisine will make you wish you were Jay Z rich so you could hire her permanently. If you’re like us and not quite ‘there’ yet, we suggest you quietly follow her on the gram for a healthy dose of food envy.

2. @chef_benedict

What happens when a Nigerian boy is born and bred in Italy? He turns into a bad ass Italian chef that’s what. Chef Benedict is one of those chefs you know really loves food. Witnessing him cook is like witnessing an artist painting – he is in the zone of all zones and all he wants is for you to taste something really really good. The great thing about Chef Benedict is he hosts supper clubs every other weekend. All you have to do is is send him an email and you get to go to his house for dinner. What are you waiting for?


3. @alexcooksfood

So, according to our Instagram stalkation, Chef Benedict and Chef Alex are actually friends. We wonder if they spend their time talking about the different ways you can bake bread. How delightful. Chef Alex runs XO Bakery and specialises in baked goodies and desserts. If you’re a sweet tooth, his Instagram is definitely the one to follow   because this guy stays baking something. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes so it’s a win win.

4. @Chef_Muse

Yes to the lady chefs. We love Chef Muse because of how she blends local with International cuisine. You know they say you may know how to cook every International dish under the sun but if you do not know how to cook Naija food then you cannot cook. Well, Chef Muse throws down local dishes on a regular like amala and ewedu, nsala soup and the yummiest looking efo riro we’ve seen in a minute. Follow her if you like us, you like a little bit of everything.


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5. @minjibacookey

So, Minjiba may not refer to herself as a Chef but she’s one in our books. This food and lifestyle blogger stays in the kitchen whipping up personal soulful recipes that will make you want to come to her house and have a seat at her dinner table. She’s a foodie personified and her food photos come with witty, honest and often poetic captions that let you know this girl likes her food. What’s that quote again? There’s no love more sincere than the love of food? Yeah, they were talking about Minjiba.