By now everyone knows it’s harmattan season, dry air, dust, ashy skin and the requisite cold that comes with it. This weather will have most of us crawling into bed to snuggle deep into our blankets at the slightest opportunity and staying there forever unless maybe there’s a zombie apocalypse.

Here we have a couple NdaniTv shows to keep you company while you chill for summer to come save you


One Chance

This is one show that deserves all the props it can get because it was EPIC. The found footage genre might not be the most popular in Africa, but this show was an amazing start. It follows four friends who board a regular looking bus on a random night in Lagos that turns into the worst of their lives. It’s thrilling, suspenseful and scary all at once. See it here

Skinny Girl In Transit

It’s fairly obvious that we’re obsessed with SGIT here at NdaniLS and you should too. Have a throwback moment and binge on seasons one and two of Skinny Girl on the NdaniTv YouTube channel and if you’ve never seen it then welcome to the club! This one is perfect for you and bae to watch. Watch all the Skinny Girl you can handle here


Rumour Has It

Gossip Girl has nothing on this epic show about a blogger whose life gets turned upside down when her life becomes the subject of everyone’s online and real life conversations. It’s perfect for a movie night with friends. Watch the entire season 1 of Rumour has it here


Ndani Recipes

Some of us like watching TV shows with tons of actors and locations, while others just enjoy bringing out on food shows because they just love food. If you’re a member of the latter group then you should sit back and watch every single episode of Ndani Recipes. The best part is the recipes are pretty easy to follow so – if you’re adventurous – you can even practice as you watch here


Ndani Sessions

Music heads can enjoy all of their favourite African artistes give fresh, stripped down and never before seen performances of some of their best songs. This show has been running for a while, meaning it has a lot of episodes for you to see and jam to. Featuring musicians like Bez, Efya, Nneka, Falana and even OC Ilene (bet you didn’t see that one coming) there’s a little something for everybody up in here. Watch here


The Juice

If you love your celebrity gossip, then this one goes out to you. Throwback all the way to the first season of The Juice and get caught up in all the juicy gist and gossip as well as awesome performances.  See it here

Officer Titus

The only LASTMA official we’re always happy to see. Officer Titus is always guaranteed to get the laughs. This hilarious officer is always getting into all sorts of trouble and will make you bust a gut laughing everytime.  Watch his escapades here