The idea of putting oil on your face might make you a little squeamish. No one wants to have oily skin, so it seems a little to crazy to go put oil on your face daily. However, what they don’t tell you is that your skin actually needs oil to repair itself. The right combinations of oils can normalize oil production, reduce the signs of ageing and keep you looking ‘glowed’ up.

There are some people who have a natural glow but most of us have to put some work in. By incorporating essential oils into your skin regimen, your skin will thank you by glowing like the sun. Notice the key word is glow, not shine. The great thing about glowing skin is that whether you decide to go with or without makeup – your skin will look amazing.

There are a slew of Nigerian beauty brands making oils but these are on our beauty hit list. And the next time someone stops you in the street to say ‘Omg, you’re glowing’, remember you read here first.


1. Arami Glow oil

So Arami Essentials are relatively new but the brand is already making beauty waves. Their glow oil is the IT beauty product right now and every glow-getter and their mama is getting some of this. Get in there.

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2. Ajali Rosehip oil and Marula oil

Ajali has been in the skin care game for a minute and we admire their consistency. Their facial oils have a cult feeling of beauty lovers and we suggest you hop on the Ajali glow train as soon as possible.

3. Aweni Organics shea butter oil

We have been fans of the entire Aweni Organics range for awhile now. This shea butter oil is perfect to keep you moisturized and glowed up all day long. You may want to avoid this particular oil for your face because it’s a little thick. But it smells perfect and is perfect for the rest of your skin and hair.

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4. Aralewa beard oil

Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget you. Beard oil has been a thing for a minute now and most guys don’t leave their house without moisturising their beards. The great thing about this oil is how light it is – no one likes a shiny beard, no one.

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5. Oriki Mint body oil

We love products made by spas. It’s like when you go to the salon and their using products only sold to hairdressers. Oriki understands skin so we can only imagine how much expertise went into creating this mint body oil.

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