Hope you had fun last night.

Because now, you feel like death and nothing about last night seems worth it. All you want to do is rewind to when you felt like a human again. There are numerous hangover recipes floating round the internet. Some work and some are urban legends. We’ll never really know. One of the most popular hangover cures is the ‘hair of the dog’ which essentially means to drink more alcohol. It sounds silly but a lot of people swear by it. Thing is, you’ll feel better – yes, but what happens after you get a second hangover? You drink some more? This sounds like a recipe for alcoholism and we’re not here for that. Here are 5 tried and tested simple yet genius ways to get over a hangover.

You’re welcome.

1) Ginger Tea


At some point, your mother has tried to get you to drink ginger tea. She’s told you about the benefits of ginger and how it will help you live longer. It’s also great for colds and helps relieve nausea. But, what your dear mother didn’t tell you is ginger tea is one of the best hangover cures because it will help reduce that banging headache and ringing you have in your ears. It will also settle your stomach and have you feeling much better in no time.

2) Bananas 
Yup, bananas. This however isn’t a cure per se it’s more like prevention. As our people like to say – ‘prevention is better than cure’. Studies have shown, if you eat one or two bananas before you start drinking – the potassium in the banana has a coating and rehydrating effect on your intestines, which in turn helps you recover quicker from your bad decisions (those extra shots).
3) Toast or Crackers 

If you were sick the night before or this morning – make toast your best friend. The carbs will help bring your blood sugar levels back up and make you less inclined to feel like killing yourself. If you don’t have bread at home – crackers will do just fine.

4)  Exercise 


I know. I know. This is probably the least favorite on everyones list but guess what? One of the quickest ways to get over a hangover is to ‘sweat it out’. You will feel like rubbish when you wake up and you will want to cry but once you get in the gym and start working out – your body will release endorphins which reduce the perception of pain and will in turn, boost your mood.

5) Water 


When Fela sang “Water no get enemy” this is what he was referring to. Okay, not really but he probably should have. You hear about the benefits of water all the time but when you have a hangover, sometimes, water is the last thing you want to drink. The trick is – drinking water before you go to bed. No matter how much you drank that night, have a bottle of water to combat the dehydration which will inevitably happen in the morning because of the excess alcohol. Another genius trick is to alternate water with each drink. This will help dilute the alcohol and leave you feeling much better in the morning.