When you think of a Pantene ad, you probably think of a white woman with gloriously full shiny hair. She is bouncing her hair back and forth as the hair unnaturally flows with her like a goddess out of the water. Yeah, we’ve all seen that shampoo ad. You like it but it doesn’t speak to you because it wasn’t made with you in mind. Chances are if you try and act like the model did, your wig will probably fall off.

However, it looks like the brand has finally understood the black hair market is not only huge, but an important market that is often overlooked. It only took 72 years for the brand to realize this but hey – better late than never.

Their latest range; the “Gold Series”, was co-created by a team of African American intellects. The collection will provide strength and moisture for women of all hair types – relaxed or natural. In the new campaign , the brand celebrates the tradition, diversity and beauty of black hair.

The video showcases different women of different ages with different textures of hair as a powerful monologue plays over the visuals. In the video, you’ll see a dark skinned beauty with dreadlocs – she’s Nigerian and she has made history as the first Pantene woman with locs. Grace was scouted by a Pantene casting agent at a mall during Black Friday and the rest is history.

Yes to more diversity. Has anyone tried the range yet? Let us know if they actually got it right. In the mean time, watch the powerful commercial below.