Off shoulder was well on its way to becoming the biggest trend of 2016. Fashion girls around the world bared their shoulders in various fabrics (including asoebi) and the trend which was big in the 80s came back like it never left. And just when we were about to call it and give off shoulder girls around the world a high five as the trendiest of them all – other girls started giving the cold shoulder and we had to pay attention.

The cold shoulder look is a bit more conservative, revealing just a peek of the shoulder. However, there is something quite sexy about the look and we love the trends ability to translate to runway as easily as it does ready to wear. There’s no doubt the off shoulder trend was more popular of the two but we are giving the slay award to the subtle chic cold shoulder.

Here are our favorite looks from our favorite fashion girls rocking the two trends.

Off Shoulder looks

Cold shoulder looks


We don’t foresee either of these trends going anywhere in 2017 and that’s ok with us.