From politicians looting to rich men coveting positions of power while poor men struggle to survive, the police and it’s penchant for bribes, toll fees on a constant rise, snakes swallowing money and even more recently, a clearly unfit leader insisting on remaining in power, it is quite evident that Nigerians are battling so many issues.

In truth, a greater ratio of Nigerians are fed up to say the least, with the exception of those perpetuating all the aforementioned acts and more, of course. But, Nigerian afro-urban artist, D-O, popularly known as Pretty Boy D-O seems to have had just about enough. So much so that he put out a record about it.

As a follow up from his debut hit single, Footwork, a recent chart-topper on the iTunes chart in Nigeria, the galala stepper just dropped a new sound titled “Chop Elbow”. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what it even means to “chop elbow”, and, no, it’s not a special form of greeting.  An elbow chop is a powerful tackling/defense technique that can render an opponent unconscious if neatly landed on the center of the face, a reverse of the uppercut motion which instead of being whipped upwards, is smashed downwards.

With “Chop Elbow”, D-O becomes the voice of the youth as he tackles the nation’s ultimate nemesis: corruption. His lyrics refer to Nigeria’s messed up system in D-O voices out frustrations every Nigerian can relate to. From generator palava to network providers to police wahala and more, D-O calls out all those contributing to the hardship being faced by Nigerian.

In D-O’s words;

“Chop Elbow” was inspired by the current situation in Nigeria. Corruption has held us back so much to the extent that they have the guts to tell us snakes & monkeys are swallowing money.

On this track, I wanted to deliver a conscious message in an attractive package for the youth. It’s important to start a narrative that kicks against corruption, and one of the best ways to do this is through music. 

I’m looking to start a trend of being outspoken and socially aware, especially with elections in view. I wanted to show my fellow youth that it’s not all about enjoyment: we must be aware of the fact that we have a voice and must make use of it.”

You’ll love this tune for its snappy beat, but you’ll love it even more for the in depth message being passed across via D-O’s lyrics. Dear D-O, don’t stop shaking this table.