CEO of the Slum2School initiative, Otto Orondaam has a story that’s bound to inspire anyone. Born in Port-Harcourt to parents in the medical field, he has always been very interested and involved in developmental projects and from the young age of 16 started managing projects of his own focused on improving the state of remote communities around the country.

A proud Nigerian driven by his passion to make Nigeria a better place, Otto began the Slum2School initiative during his NYSC days. After coming into constant contact with vulnerable and impoverished kids out of school and seeing the challenges they faced everyday, in the interview, he talks about how he knew he wasn’t actualizing his dreams by remaining at his 9 to 5 and despite pressure from friends and family decided to leave his comfortable and well paying job at a bank to start the program.

He tells us how their programs bridge the enrollment gap into schools for vulnerable children across the country as well as just how important education is to the success of our country’s economy. With his program he hopes to give the world a different and better view of Nigeria while also helping as many kids as he can

We shouldn’t live our lives to earn a living we should live our lives to make an impact – Otto Orondaam
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