Set in modern day Canada, Secret Places by Vivian Kay is premised on a phase in the marital journey of two Christian couples. It is a book that presents a fictional illustration of what happens behind the closed doors of a Christian marriage.

Sam and Moni are the central characters whose marriage is on the rocks as a result of Sam’s infidelity. While Debo and Adele are the epitome of a perfect marriage. Debo is a respected church deacon and his wife Adele is a seemingly perfect homemaker and mother.

When Debo notices the rift between Moni and Sam, he offers his help by revealing the secret behind his ‘perfect marriage’ – a swinging group. Sam decides to give his wife an ultimatum; join the swinging group or get a divorce. Moni’s world comes crumbling down when she must make a decision to go against her Christian values and everything she holds sacred or face the shame of a divorce.

In this powerful novel, Vivian Kay explores love, sacrifices and faith with a page turning story line that grasps your attention from the first page. She offers a keen insight into the perfect façade that often accompanies marriages of today. The book is filled with lessons and practical tips that every young couple should read.

For a debut writer, Vivian Kay’s engaging and descriptive story telling is refreshing and commendable.

Rating: 3.5/5. Published 2016.