Social media week Lagos has been buzzing all week with a plethora of speakers across various sectors. The digital age is relevant to every sector and the financial sector is no different. If you have every wondered whether banks can survive the digital onslaught – we suggest you join the conversation with the Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank. Segun Agbaje will be speaking about the future of banking at a time where everything is going digital, social and mobile.

In this age where digital technologies have dissolved the boundaries between industry sectors and is rewriting how we manage our lives, it is clear that competition for banks is no longer just banks and now includes Telcos, Tech companies and anyone who can leverage smartphones to enable fully personalized interactions and services. Thus, Banks must rethink their strategy into one that ensures that they are playing a deeper role in people’s social and commercial lives, positioning themselves at the center of an extended ecosystem that offers customers benefits beyond banking.

The talk is happening this Friday, March 3, 2017 AT 9am. If you would like to be a part of this conversation, click here to register for free.