One of Skinny Girl in Transit’s most memorable and probably funniest characters is Tiwa’s mum played by Nollywood veteran Ngozi Nwosu. Every time she’s on the screen she steals the show and most times we find ourselves waiting until the next moment we see her. This is probably because she reminds us of all our moms with her overly dramatic, loud and borderline insane behaviour which in the end as we all know is only because she means well. Watching clips from some of the episodes probably gives you a little bit of Deja Vu and probably have you reaching for your phone to call up your mom even if it’s to hear her ask you why you haven’t married yet for the hundredth time. Here are 10 times in season two of SGIT she was a typical Nigerian mom.


  1. That one time she decided to soak the entire house in holy water

Lol everytime this scene comes on we pee ourselves laughing, it’s amazing that although hers is a little bit over the top most or all of us have had a moment like this (sort of), where your mom takes you to some holy man or aunty or grandma to get prayed over even though you’re a hundred percent sure there’s nothing wrong with you.

2. When she gave the perfect Nigerian mom answer


3. Where she tried and failed at being coded


4.  That time when she wouldn’t just let any surprises slide by like every single mom out there


5. Just like all moms she embarrasses you and your date by asking the WORST questions

6. When she disses your new boo after being so polite at dinner

7. Lol this entire moment when she finds out bad news

8. When she gets reaaallllyy petty

9. When she snitches on you to your dad because, petty.


10. When she has your back when you’re having a hard time because she’s your mum and she loves you (even when you still haven’t found husband)



Season three of Skinny Girl in Transit is almost here, FINALLY!

We’re sure you’ve all been waiting for the brand new season to drop and it seems like it’s almost that time. The trailer for the brand new season is already up on the Ndani TV Youtube channel and there are obviously a bunch of new faces and a lot of new drama in Tiwa’s life. We hope this took you on a trip down memory lane and helped get you all pumped up for the new season which drops tomorrow! Eeek, we can’t wait.