Rice is one of Nigeria’s staple foods. Pretty much every dish can goes with rice. We serve it up in different ways from fried rice to jollof, to coconut – you name it, we’ll make it. But have you ever wondered the rice you eat comes from?

Well a lot of it comes from Abakaliki – which is located in Ebonyi state. With over 500 milling machines, the town has been dubbed ‘the home of local rice production’ in Nigeria.

In this magnificent photo story by Ndani Lifestyle photographer, Olupitan Olusanya, he travels to Abakaliki to document how rice is collected and cleaned by female laborers known as rice winnowers. The women start the cleaning process where rice is beaten with wooden logs. The rice is then collected in big baskets and raised above their heads – for a gust of wind, to clean impurities from the rice.

The photos depict these winnowers standing on large heaps of what looks very much like sand dunes but are in fact large heaps of shaft, sand and rice.

Check out the stunning photos below.


rice mill abakaliki (426)_1600x1075



rice mill abakaliki (441)_1600x1130

rice mill abakaliki (415)_1600x1146

rice-mill-abakaliki-201_1600x1063 rice-mill-abakaliki-175_1240x1200 rice-mill-abakaliki-177_1600x1063 rice-mill-abakaliki-192_1600x830



Photography by Olupitan Olusanya