While Valentines day is recognised as the International day of romance – Nigerian based photographer, Clement Ogoh, wants us to think a little differently. In his brand new editorial called ‘Love Me’ featuring images of a fresh faced, natural woman on her own with nature and art – the photographer seeks to promote the notion of self love.

“I want people to never look down on themselves. Even if you are single, you have to love yourself before you let your heart out for someone else to keep”- Clement Ogoh.

The editorial was inspired by a movie the photographer watched called ‘How To be Single’ which explores the complexities of love. In a series of images, we see a young woman who is confident in herself, by herself. She still feels sexy, despite being on her own. And finds joy, wherever she goes. So, whether you have a Valentine or not, remember loving yourself is by far the best gift you can ever get.

View the photos below.








Photographer and Creative Director : Clement Ogoh @ogoh_clem

Model: Adedoyin Somuyiwa @thedoyinshow  

Stylist and Designer:Jacqueline Ntephe @Dumedume_