Have you ever watched a video and thought “this is not how I pictured it in my head”? Well, that’s exactly how we felt watching Praiz’s new video for his hit single; Folashade. The video starts with Praiz, holding Folashade (Toni Tones) who appears to be dead in his arms. He’s soaked in blood and he’s crying out her name as a crowd watches the tragic scene. You immediately get goose bumps when he goes into the ‘Folashade’ chorus because you know he’s more than just sad or longing for his loved one – he’s in mourning.

The video then goes into a series of flashbacks when Folashade was still alive. We see a troubled girl who is clearly dealing with demons; crying, drinking and smoking in a bathtub. This puts into perspective the line in the song where Praiz sings “I wish you told me there was something wrong” as she cries alone with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

The end of the video is creepy as hell. Folashade is lying in pool of blood with her eyes open as Praiz looks on miserably. Not really sure how that connects to the beginning scene of the motorcycle crash but it’s definitely interesting to watch again and again.

Sidebar: Toni Tones gets nude around the 2:31 mark and think what you may – but there’s no denying that woman’s body is fire.

Peep the video below.