Its no secret that the ladies love a man thats handy in the kitchen, so don’t be surprised at all if while she’s secretly going through your phone behind your back, she’s probably also taking a quick glance at your kitchen cupboard and fridge to get a sense of what kind of man you are in there too.

Looking at the 3 categories below you should easily be able to see where you fall, and if your smart you’ll get some tips about how to stock up just right for that ultimate first impression. Don’t Play Yourself. #DJKhaledVoice


The Clueless Cook

This kind of man is the easiest to spot… One glance is all it takes to notice that a fridge in completely EMPTY.
The only likely contents of the fridge at the house of a “clueless cook” would be Bread, Eggs, and perhaps a few stray bottles of Soda & Beer. Don’t forget the stash of Indomie and sardines in the cupboard. There is usually never more than 1 cooking pot in the clueless cooks kitchen

If this is who are, then obviously you need to strive to do better even if only for basic survival, and especially if you don’t wan tot lose any points in the kitchen with your latest love interest. Don’t lose hope though, its not as hard as you to think to make up the gap. All you have to do is take some minor tips from “The WannaBe Chef Guy” and if your really out to make an impression then going the extra mile with a few extra items will have you looking like “The Real Chef Guy” in absolutely no time at all.


The WannaBe Chef Guy

Every random man probably feels like they are the real deal in the kitchen, but in reality most would likely fall into the Wannabe chef category.

In the kitchen of a wannabe chef you would find a good list of condiments as well as the basic grocery list of the clueless cook like salt, one or two spices i.e curry and thyme, tinned tomatoes, spaghetti instead of indomie, packs of mixed vegetables in the freezer. A fridge a wannabe chef kitchen might not be so empty but one thing the Wannabe chef guy cannot do without is barbecue sauce or ketchup.

The Wannabe chef would likely have 2 or 3 pots in his kitchen, and if he’s taking it a step further in the right direction he might even invest in a large wok pan. Any prudent wannabe chef guy would also make sure to have one or two bottles of wine stashed away for emergencies, as opposed to the usual old beer.

Now although the average wannabe chef’s kitchen is semi-respectable, a keen eye would be able to spot a faker from a mile away, so any wannabe chefs posing as ‘Real chef guys’ might want to keep reading and take down notes on what it takes to at least passably look like ‘The Real Chef Guy’.


The Real Chef Guy

Only a select few men fall into the category of “Real Chef Guy”, and these class of men are also easily identifiable… They either love to cook, and have therefore amassed a culinary arsenal that would make your mother jealous, or they love to eat out often for whatever reason and although their kitchens barely show any signs of use, it is usually a state of the art kitchen to cover up for the fact that they don’t have time to cook or maybe are just too lazy.

Clueless cooks can and sometimes do also have fancy kitchens, a few handy items in the kitchen could be the difference between faking it and making it.

Aside from a generally fully stocked kitchen, each ‘section’ of the real chef guys is also highly comprehensive… With a list of spices ranging from Oregano to Black salt, 3 or 4 different kinds of ground chilli pepper, not only vegetable oil, but olive oil and soy sauce as well, and actually fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers instead of tinned tomatoes.

In addition to the assortment of mixed vegetables in his freezer, he would also have handy an ounce or two of chicken breasts and or some steak cutlets.

As mentioned earlier the real chef guy takes no prisoners when it comes to the appliances in his kitchen, the pots are usually the full set, you would typically find things like a coffee maker, a rice cooker or even an electronic deep fryer for those who don’t like the risky business of handling a hot frying pan. Don’t forget a good stock of utensils i.e a set of knives, a chopping board, measuring tins and oven trays… The real chef guy makes it a point to always be ready for any kitchen eventuality and thats what sets him apart from the clueless guy and the wannabe.


Using this article as a guide you can begin to start patching up your kitchen in any way is lacking, and before you know it, your kitchen will develop that all too impressive real chef guy look.