The secret to fabulous style isn’t complicated. It’s as simple as having a formula.Having the right essentials that can be worn during any season, over and over again. Be it your out of work style or your work style. We have key work essentials from SME Market Hub that would have you looking like a sophisticated working woman at any point.

A Blazer:  A blazer pulls your look together and gives it more of a structure. It can be worn with a full suit to look very official or with jeans and a t-shirt for a less formal look.  Click Here To Buy

White Shirt: White shirts are a must have. They can be paired with trousers or skirts , and layered with sweaters or dresses. They can also be worn over and over again. Click Here To Buy                                           

Dark Jeans: Dark jeans are perfect for casual days at the office. Pair it up with a nice blazer and your outfit reads chilled but ready to work.      Click Here To Buy

Sweater: Offices tend to get cold. It’s always nice to have a nice sweater around. Opt for cashmere as it is light but will do the job of keeping you warm when layered. Think neutral colours.      Click Here To Buy       


A Floral Blouse: As much as the work place is very professional, you would still like to have fashionable elements to your outfit.   Click Here To Buy

Bright Dresses: Dresses are just effortless. Try opting for bright coloured dress to make you look more awake , especially for those mornings when you can’t be bothered. Avoid statement styles as they are harder to wear on rotation. Also, try to have at least one LBD ( little black dress). Click Here To Buy


Pencil Skirt: Get a bit feminine and wear a pencil skirt. Make sure the length is just right. Midi pencil skirts can be paired with a player and a nice chiffon blouse to give a nice chic look. Click Here To Buy


Comfortable shoes: We are certain your 6 inch heels give you that extra confidence boost you want, but your feet are begging you. If your work requires a lot of walking around, it’s advisable to get comfortable shoes that don’t cause you any discomfort.And if you can’t do heels , why not get flats?  Click Here To Buy

A Practical Bag: A nicely sized unique bag that matches your style and is very functional. Try  a nice tote or a shoppers bag. Click Here To Buy