We’re sorry to even be bringing this up again, but Rachel Anne Dolezal AKA the white lady who legitimately believes she’s black has finally done something else. If you haven’t heard, she changed her name, Rachel Dolezal is now and forever more to be known as Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Any Nigerian/West African/African would automatically recognise the names Nkechi and Diallo. Nkechi is an Igbo name whilst Diallo is a Fulani name originating from Senegal and Amare is apparently Latin? WYD babe?

Still, can we all just collectively as humans just ignore this culture vulture who is obviously desperately trying to extend her fifteen minutes of fame as long as she can because nobody wants to even touch her with a yard long pole. No seriously, she’s apparently almost homeless, living off food stamps and goodwill.

You never know though, she might just be trying to move on and leave all the drama behind with her old name because low-key, who wouldn’t want to change their name after their own parents go all Judas on them and snitch them out to the world.

The best way for all of us as a community to get this over with real quick is to just ignore her and shut the door on this foolishness forever.